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About Our Company

Mascioli Construction Co. Ltd originated in 1912 by brothers Leo and Antonio Mascioli. The company was first known as Leo Mascioli Construction where they worked at local mines. Leo Mascioli Construction was also busy building roads around the city and establishing various businesses.


In 1938 Leo Mascioli Construction was officially renamed Mascioli Construction Co. Ltd. They've established a ready-mix plant and block plant which produced concrete pipes, blocks, patio slabs, and catchbasins. After constructing most roads in the city of Timmins, Mascioli Construction poured the sidewalks to finish their job. Along with the ready-mix and block plant, Mascioli Construction had there own quarry. Subsequently, upon the passing of the founders, Norm Mascioli son of Antonio, gained ownership of Mascioli Construction. Since then Norm has paved the way for his children and grandchildren and has remained a family business for over 100 years.


Today Mascioli Construction is a Civil Contractor dealing primarily with road work, subdivision development, equipment rentals, and seasonal work. In 1994, the company added a new division, Mascioli's Brick Yard. They are an authorized dealer for house brick, interlocking pavers, patio slabs,  blocks and retaining walls.


We are nearing the 100th anniversary of the Mascioli name in Timmins and our firm is very proud to have been part of its heritage.

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